Thought Influencer : Gary Vaynerchuk – The Good & The Bad

Gary Vaynerchuk is a 41-year-old CEO of VaynerMedia and an entrepreneur who has a thorough mastery of the art of social media which he says he is using to get the attention of the followers and nothing else. Besides running VaynerMedia, Gary is a venture capitalist, author of the New York Times Bestseller, runs VaynerSports and he is a host of The #AskGaryVee Show.

Below are some important facts about thought influencer Gary Vaynerchuk to transform you and take your business to another level.

Vaynerchuk was born in Babruysk, Belarus in the former USSR but later immigrated with his parents to New York during their exchange program. He says he has been perfectly shaped by the virtue of being born a purebred capitalist in a communist country and then going to America, which he considers a great luck.

Since his childhood, Vaynerchuk has been admiring New York jets and has been dreaming of having them one day in his life. Presently, he has laid the strategies that will ultimately see him achieve his big dream. Buying New York Jets is one reason he is currently building an empire. He says his next career step will be getting out to buy businesses which he will run through his VaynerMedia Machine. Later on, he will be able to flip and then make hundreds of millions or hopefully billions of dollars and then buy New York jets.

This extraordinary thought influencer is in the Apple’s new reality TV show. Alongside other mentors such as Jessica Alba and Gwyneth Paltrow, he is a great resource in mentoring all app developers on the Apple’s program, ‘Planet of the Apps’.

Gary is a seasoned hustler. He has been hustling through simple business since his childhood. He could actually get out to sell baseball cards while other children were busy watching cartoons. This has substantially contributed to his business mind and perhaps, the reason he thinks he will be able to buy and own the New York jets. His commitment to working extra hours (13 to 14 hours a day) also serves as an advantage to him both in the social media and other business ventures, including making him a successful manager.

Although Gary Vaynerchuk is widely recognized as an achiever, he has some weaknesses as briefly described below:

You would actually expect a thought influencer to be much learned and highly educated so that simple issues of grammar and other stuff that require basic communication skills like proficiency in reading and writing, including mastery of general academic information no problem to them. It is somehow disappointing that Gary, though hardworking in his area of interest, confesses to be poor in most of these skills. Although he has authored books that are bestsellers, he confesses that issues of spellings and grammatical errors are usually auto-corrected and that is what probably helps him. He also says that sometimes he makes mistakes in both speech and text which most readers and listeners simply interpret as shorthanding and common errors in speech. As a renowned thought influencer, this is a very unfortunate weakness to hear about.

Besides his intellectual and academic limitations, Vaynerchuk says he does not make efforts to improve his situation, which means that in a way, he is weaker when it comes to personal development. For instance, in one interview, he pointed out that he doesn’t read widely and that skills that are commodities are something he is not good at. For a role model and specifically for an ideal thought influencer, this is really absurd.

Unlike many other thought influencers who are likely to have been cultivated by emulating greater minds and listening to people’s advice while employing their own unique capabilities to achieve, Gary Vaynerchuk is different. He doesn’t consider advice important in his life. This is a weak point on his side because generally, advise from more experienced and knowledgeable individuals is vital in nearly all areas, regardless of how able and powerful one may be. For Gary, he perceives advice irrelevant and calls it ‘bad’ and that unless it is contextual and digs deep, advice is totally of no significance to him. He reasons that the best advice can only come from people very close to you and those with your best interests in mind, and not their own interests, meaning almost nobody can qualify to advice him. For this reason, Gary doesn’t listen to anybody’s advice, which is somewhat unexpected of his caliber.

Despite his weaknesses, Gary has an advantage of being associated with people who are good in things he is weak at, which is a good remedy for his weaknesses. Generally, as a thought influencer who has made tremendous achievements and still dreams of even bigger accomplishments, Gary Vaynerchuk’s values are worth emulating. For instance, he perceives ordinary realities in an extraordinary way and focuses on his strengths to advance in whatever he does.

Following him on social media, watching him or reading about him will not leave you the same person, but a totally transformed business-minded individual. However, it is advisable to be selective and only identify with his strengths and leave out his weaknesses. If you are thinking of making a difference in any field you are pursuing, explore all avenues to converse with Gary Vaynerchuk either directly or indirectly and for sure, you will make a change.

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