Five Modern Marketing Methods Every Business Should Use in 2016

Whether you run the small convenience store down the street or a million dollar eBusiness online, there are a number of modern marketing methods that apply to and will help any business. Consider making the following five techniques part of your marketing strategy for 2015 and beyond.

Make PR a Priority

Small business owners and CFOs grind their teeth when the subject of public relations comes up. Though it sounds like an expensive add-on to the advertising budget, its value exceeds the cost in time and money. Why include PR in the area of important strategies?

Good PR favorably shows off your brand to potential as well as current customers. It’s an excellent way to let the public know the best qualities of your major products. Develop rapport with recognized names in your field. Ask them to look over and critique a report or whitepaper you plan on posting to your website. The credibility of their statements will add to the value of your product.

Be Proactive

Marketing is flexible. Today’s hot product may be tomorrow’s forgotten idea. Be flexible along with the market by observing trends in technology and goods, anticipating the next step, and preparing to immediately answer any needs in your niche.

Transparency as a Marketing Method

Demonstrate the transparency of your business methods by operating so others can see how business actions are performed. Propaganda does not appease consumers. It’s simple for them to do an Internet search about the validity of claims and post blogs and Facebook comments about any differences. Build trust with customers by showing what your brand is doing that is in their best interests.

Incorporate Social Media in Marketing Campaigns

What makes social media a valuable marketing method? Incorporating it into marketing campaigns with a different message makes it unique and encourages viewers to share it. Make sharing easy by adding social sharing buttons for FB, Twitter, Pinterest and other sites on your emails, blogs, and websites. You’ll find click-through increase, improving web ranking.

Use Content Marketing Wisely

Blogs are a good example of content marketing because they provide information that increases the reader’s understanding of a particular topic. They use the knowledge to purchase a product that meets the standards of quality learned in that article, even though there was no advertising or other types of sales presence placed on them.

Strategy in content marketing methods may also include short TV clips and radio advertisements to targeted markets. Invite the attention of the press on submitted press releases by adding the name, position, and number of a qualified person in your company who is available for comment.

The results lead back to the rewards of transparency. Earn consumer loyalty and business by supplying buyers with a steady production of valuable information through your strategic method of context marketing.

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